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Saudi Arrest Mohammad and Ali Alshamimy

Update: On Friday April, 20 Saudi authorities arrest Shia Scholar Al-Shamimy second son to Ali AlShamimy and took him to an unknown place. This come one week after Mohammad Al-Shamimy’s arrest. Mohammad was arrested previously in Bahrain and released after spending months in jail without being given any explanation from …

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Signs of Failure of the Political Performance in Saudi Arabia

Killing of innocent Shia and systematic suppression by the use of force is a sign of failure of the political performance in Saudi Arabia. Shia Rights Watch, as a human right organization, considers the use of force against peaceful movement, and targeting of human rights activists in Saudi Arabia a …

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Police kills 3 Shia in 24 Hours in Eastern Saudi Arabia

Saudi security forces shot and killed three Shia freedom seekers and six others wounded, when they opened fire on a march in the oil-producing Eastern Province, home to a large Shia minority.  21-year-old Muneer al-Meedani died from a bullet in the chest fired by police while dispersing demonstrators in the center …

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