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Shia News Wire #58

March 5th to 11th/ 2016


Dr. Masood Jahroomi, a Shia Muslim, was forced deportation by the government after having his citizenship taken away. He was arrested in 2011 and was not allowed contact with family for a month, and wasn’t allowed a lawyer or given due process. He was detained five months before even being given a sentence. He was forcibly deported on March 7, 2016.


On Sunday March 6, 2016 a truck bombing struck Shilla, a predominantly Shia town killing 60.  The bombing killed 3 dozen civilians and the remainder were police officers. In the past week ISIS has killed about 200 Muslims, most being Shia.

Thursday March 10, 2016 ISIS attacked a Shia village in Kirkuk with poisonous substances targeting 40; 5 people remain in the hospital following the attacks. A total of 24 shells and rockets were fired by the Islamic State.

Attack on Wednesday March 9, left 17 people of the town of Taza in the hospital. This includes a young boy who suffers from critical burns as a result.


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