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Shia News Wire #62

April 8th to 15th, 2016


Three Shia Muslims were shot by terrorists of Ahl-e-Sunnat-Wal-Jamaat (ASWJ) near Shafiq Mor area of Karachi on Friday April 8th, 2016. The three victims whose names were Hashim (40 years old) , Ali Sajjad (27 years old) and Shamim Rizvi (30 years old), were traveling in a car when suspects intercepted them at Namak Bank in the jurisdiction of Taimooria police station; they were then shot through their car. Hashim and Ali died instantly and Shamim joined them later on when he died from his injuries in a nearby hospital. It is being speculated that this attack was in response for the members of ISIS recently killed in combat, suggesting these two terrorist groups have close ties. Of the three killed two were father and son (Ali and Shamim) and one was a young Shia who must’ve been acquainted with the family. The attack occurred on their way home from offering Friday prayers at Shah Najaf Imambargah in Bafarzone. Their funerals were held in Incholi, Pakistan (the father and son on Friday and Hashim on Saturday, which is when he was declared dead).


According to Iraq Body Count, 63 Shia Muslims were killed In Iraq. Most bombings took place either in Shia populated markets or Shia neighborhoods.


This week marked 100 days since the killing of hundreds of Nigerian Shia. Based on our findings, during the early attack to the Shia Mosque in December and recently confirmed by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, the army brutally killed more than 400 Shia men, women, and children and buried bodies in a mass grave to prevent further investigation by families. According to local activists, the burial in Kaduna was based on a court order by the state government. The depressing fact that the army killed unarmed civilians in a 48 hours frame clearly states this action was based on some official order resulting in a substantial loss of life at the hands of the military.

SRW addressed Nigerian embassy in Washington DC through official NGO letter requesting update on the case and demand release of Sheikh Zakzaky.  In our letter we stated « Shia communities face much discrimination around the world, and such violence carried by their government threatens their healthy existence. SRW reemphasizes the need of investigation by non-biased experts in human rights and country legislation. Nigerian Shia have lost their trust in their government and it is to the benefit of all parties to participate in investigation and bring justice and trust back to the community’.


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