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Shia News Wire # 72


Despite efforts of humanitarian organizations, the Kingdom of Bahrain continues to denounce the citizenship of its citizens. On June17th, the Bahraini government revoked the citizenship of 2 and sentences 8 others to 15 year jail sentences for alleged “instigation of violence”. For years, Bahraini officials have targeted pro-democracy Shia Muslims through detainment and revocation of citizenship.

Tensions in the nation continue to rise as the government aims to increase its involvement in religious affairs on the kingdom. On the 19th of June, the al-khalifa regime announced a statement to religious authorities in the country that khoms, a shia religious taxation, must be announced to the government. Shia leaders and scholars have strongly denounced said statement by the government and condemned the officials involvement with the groups religious affairs. Khoms consists of 20% of Shia individuals savings that is donated to leading Shia scholars to be used for public use (ie. reduce poverty, increase education availability, etc).


Saudi Arabia

On June 19th, Saudi forces arrested Shaikh Jafar Sweileh. Sweileh has been a prominent figure in defending the freedom of expression through his words and writing.

on June 23rd, Abdulrahim Ali al-Faraj was shot to death after Saudi forces stormed his home in Awamiyah.

After decades of systemic oppression, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia continues to target Shia Muslims through unjust prosecution and repression. The rights of this population has been continually ignored as they are treated as second class citizens.


Attacks targeting Shia densities of Iraq continue as a total of 34 deaths centered in cities of Baghdad, Tuz Khurmato, and Mahmudiya. Improvised explosive devices, gunfire, and suicide car bombs have been the leading casualty creators.


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