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Shia News Wire #77

July 22nd to 29th, 2016


Shia deaths have risen this last week of July.  71 people have been confirmed dead with over 40 wounded this week.  On 25 July, 8 policemen and 10 civilians were killed when a suicide bomber crashed his car full of explosives into a security checkpoint in Kadhimiyah. ISIS has claimed responsibility online.  In Baghdad, the very same day, prominent Shia scholar Rafed Al Gharebawi was found dead after being kidnapped.  He had been tortured and executed.


The government of Bahrain have been ramping up arrests and anti-Shia sentiment this week.  In just 2 days, 142 individuals have been arrested.  4 people were arrested on 25 July for peaceful protesting advocating for free speech.  The next day, Bahraini authorities have referred 138 suspects to court on different accusations.

Also, Bahrain’s court accused Shia cleric, Sheikh Isa Qassim,  on charges of illegal fund raising and money laundering, judicial sources said, just weeks after this kingdom revoked his citizenship.

Saudi Arabia

The Saudi government has forcefully detained, beaten, and raided homes of 10’s of Shia in the eastern part of the country, 25 July.  This comes just after the death of a famous Shia cleric.  The Saudi government has been shutting down protests.


Kabul saw a bloody day when 80 people lost their lives and more than 250 wounded 23 July.  A suicide bomber infiltrated a group of Shia who were protesting in the streets.  The protest was for a power transmission line for their community.  The Shia community is starved of electricity.  ISIS has claimed the incident.  This is the worst attack this country has seen in months, in terms of casualties.


A Kuwaiti court on Wednesday sentenced a Shia lawmaker to 14 years and six months in absentia for remarks deemed highly offensive to fellow Gulf states Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Abdulhameed Dashti received 11 years and six months for insulting Saudi Arabia and three years for insulting Bahrain in another case.


The Nigerian Commission of Inquiry blamed Sheikh Ibraheem El Zakzaky and statute he  is responsible for the clash which occurred between the Islamic Movement of Nigeria and the Nigeria Army.
Nigerian government blames the victims after killing more than thousands Shia and arresting numbers of activist including Zakzaky.


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