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Shia News Wire_#17

April 2015

Continuous Bombing of Shia Neighborhoods in Iraq

Three Shia populated areas of Amiriyah, Husseiniyah, and Shula witnessed deadly bombings on April 29th as three bombs exploded killing eight and wounding twenty-eight.

Iraqi Shia have been targets of anti-Shia groups for centuries. Even after establishment of Shia government, this population faces mass killings and deadly bombings. No group officially claimed the responsibility of the bombings.

Should Pakistani Hajj Applicants Expect Shia Eights Violations During Hajj 2015?

Pakistan asks for faith identification on 2015 Hajj applications. According to Hajj 2015 applicants Pakistani government asks applicants to specify if they are Shia or not on the official application form. Such change was done simultaneously to the recent visit of Imam-e-Kabba to Pakistan. It is reported that he is visiting the country to defuse tensions between the traditional allies, which developed following the Parliament’s resolution rejecting the Saudi request of personnel support in Yemen recently.

Historically Saudi clerics have played key role in anti-Shia movements and therefore Shia Muslims of Pakistan are concerned for their safety during Hajj after such change in Hajj applications. Every year many Shia face discrimination from Saudi forces during Hajj and recent identification in Hajj application can fuel even more discriminations based on religion.

Shia Rights Watch have contacted Pakistani embassy in Washington to express Shia community concern regarding Hajj applications. The embassy has not responded to the letters yet.

Shia Professionals Targets of anti-Shia Killings in Pakistan

Dr Syed Wahidur Rahman, a well-known Karachi University professor was shot and killed in an anti- Shia attack. He was attacked by four masked men riding two motorcycles who opened fire on him in his car.

Shia professional killings have claimed many lives of very well-known Shia Muslims in Pakistan. Shia community of Pakistan believe such targeted killings aim to change the dynamic of the country and Shia representations in influential institutes of this country.





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