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Attack to Shia at Commemorations in Iraq

Attack to Shia pilgrims in Iraq claimed 16 lives and wounded 50 others. Suicide bomber attacked Shia Muslims as they commemorated the death of their 7th Imam, near Baghdad.

Also in eastern Baghdad, another two pilgrims were killed and nine wounded when a roadside bomb exploded.

A third explosion was in the town of Bab al-Sham where at least three mortars targeted Shia pilgrims, killing four and wounding at least 12 people.

Fourth bombing in Mashahidah, north of Baghdad, killed at least three pilgrims and wounded eight.

ISIS has claimed some of the explosions. Shia Muslims have been target of many explosions before and after ISIS in Iraq.

Bus Carrying Shia Ismaili Attacked in Pakistan

In an attack to a bus carrying about 70 Shia Ismaili passengers, tens were killed and more than ten seriously wounded in Pakistan.

Ismaili National Council, a community group that represents the Ismaili branch of Shia in Pakistan, placed the toll to at least 41 killed but some sources report up to 47 death.

According to passengers, the bus was attacked by masked armed men near Safura Goth area. Six terrorists came on three motorcycles; they entered the bus and began firing indiscriminately. All those killed and injured were hit by the 9mm pistols.

Anti-Shia attacks have been increasing in recent years in Karachi and also in the southwestern city of Quetta, the northwestern area of Parachinar and the far northeastern town of Gilgit.  Historically, Shia Twelvers have been targeted in Pakistan and now Shia Ismaili feel the threat of insecurity in this country. Although Pakistani minorities have faced many violations throughout history, this country is not listed among Countries of Particular Concerns under International Freedom Act. Shia Rights Watch has been pressuring the US government to add Pakistan to this list.

Afghan Hazara in Captive 

Many Afghan families are still waiting for their held captive family members.  ISIS abducted 31 men belonging to ethnic Hazara community three month ago in the Zabul area. Recently, 19 were released and the rest are still in captive.

There have been a number of incidents of kidnapping in various parts of Afghanistan, according to government officials. Hazara communities are the main targets of the violations in this country.


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