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Shia Weekly News #42


Last Friday on November 13th we reported on the deadly bombing at the Shia mosque that killed dozens of people. In addition to this bombing, there was a roadside bomb at a Shia shrine in Sadr city which killed at least 5 people and wounded 15. No group has formally taken responsibility for this attack but it is widely believed that ISIS carried out these attacks as well since they occurred just hours within the mosque bombing which they took responsibility for.

A week after the previously mentioned bombings, another suicide and roadside bombing occurred in Baghdad. On Friday November 20th a roadside bomb was detonated outside of a Shia mosque in the Nahiyet al-Rasheed neighborhood of Southern Baghdad during Friday prayers. Soon after that, a suicide bomber detonated themselves inside the mosque. Official reports state 10 people were killed and 10 were wounded. While no group has claimed responsibility for this attack, this is eerily similar to ISIS facilitated attacks in Baghdad last week. Shia Rights Watch condemns these attacks and urges the Iraqi security forces do more to ensure the safety of innocent worshipers.


In Indonesia announcements of the creation of an anti-Shia alliance reverberated around the country. The so called Anti-Shia National Alliance (Annas) declared an anti-Shia movement in West Java. This announcement has come on the heels of various incidents of anti-Shia protests and mild violence has been present around the country, especially in East Java. Earlier this year in East Java, Shia Muslims who were displaced were hindered from returning to their homes by residents of the town of Sampanng. Leaders of the country’s two largest Muslim organizations have condemned the creation of this new movement, stating that this is going hamper ongoing reconciliation efforts. Shia Rights Watch urges the government of Indonesia to do more to ensure that hateful rhetoric does not materialize into violence.


In Karachi, Pakistan yet another assassination occurred in a Shia neighborhood.

November 16th two policemen deployed to a security checkpoint at the Ismaili Shia community’s residential complex were shot and killed by unknown gunmen. Ali Raza, 50, and Ghulam Jaffer, 46, were shot by four armed gunmen on motorcycles and were pronounced dead at the scene. Reports stated that there have been 79 policemen murdered in Karachi this year alone. While the gunmen weren’t identified, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan claimed responsibility. Unfortunately, like many of these attacks, investigations have been unsuccessful. Shia Rights Watch condemns this horrendous attack and urges the Pakistani security forces to continue their investigation into this murder and the hundreds more that occurred in Karachi this year.

Saudi Arabia

In the eastern city of Qatif, a Saudi Police officer was shot and killed in the majority Shia neighborhood of Saihat. This attack occurred on November 18th and further details have yet to be released. While no group has claimed responsibility for this attack, this has been the site of numerous ISIS inspired and facilitated attacks.


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