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Case of Sheikh Isa Qassim, Violations Continues in Bahrain

Bahraini government fines, strips nationality, and gives jail time to Sheikh Isa Qassim, another Bahraini Shia cleric. Suspended jail time in addition to $265,000 fine of Sheikh Isa Qassim is another example of Bahrain’s religious discrimination and controlling of religious freedom. Sheikh Qassim was accused and charged of illegal fundraising and …

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UNDP Building inclusive and peaceful societies through women’s participation and leadership: good practices from the field

On October 16th Shia Rights Watch attended the UNDP event entitled “Building Inclusive and Peaceful Societies through Women’s participation and Leadership” at the UN headquarters in New York. Marking the 15th anniversary of UN Resolution 1325, the panel of guests at this event spoke about the progress of women’s inclusion …

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