Anti Shia attack in Iraq killed 73 Shia and wounded 250

iraq-flagViolence against Shia Muslim is increasing throughout different countries with little to no response from the United Nation and Humanitarian organizations.

In Iraq, several bombs have exploded in September 7th, 2012 killing 73 and wounding 250 Shia. At least 42 Shia were killed in Baghdad alone.

According to officials, the bloodiest attack occurred in the morning in a market near the shrine of Imam Ali in southern Iraq. Two suicide car bombing attacks killed 24 Shia and wounded 60 other.

8 Shia were killed by car bomb explosion in Kirkuk, 250 miles north of the capital. And in another part of the city, two people were killed by the explosion of a car bomb.

In the city of Basra, a car bomb in a market killed three Shia and wounded at least 20 others.
Bombings have also rocked the cities of Kirkuk, Samarra,Tal Afar and Touz Khourmato, north of Baghdad, killing four Shia and wounding 24.

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