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Jordanian Ministry of Awqaf: “Anti-Shiism is forced in this kingdom”

Jordanian Ministry of Awqaf clarified that this country will not allow deployment of Shia ideologies, “infect Anti-Shiism is forced in this kingdom”.

The statement was a response to the representative of a news agency 24 that asked whether the Ministry had agreed to the adoption of a curriculum for a basic classes in which the glorification of the symbols of Shiite historical are stated. The Ministry spokesperson openly said that Shia ideology has no place in Jordan and education is based on Sunni school of thought in this country.

Although there is no reliable source for number of Shia Muslims in Jordan, history of this population goes back to 1890 when many Shia moved to this country from neighboring regions. Shia Muslims have to hide their faith in most countries that are led by non-Shia Muslims fearing publicizing their identity will cost their lives and freedom.

Recent rumors suggested that some school curriculum are including Shia history as part of the history but as stated by 24 news agency, Jordanian Ministry of Awqaf showed its opposition and the fact that this kingdom does not welcome Shia Muslims.

Shia and other Muslim groups have shared most part of the Islamic history and intentionally excluding this minority and hiding them from history is an example of human rights violation toward this population in this country, says Shia Rights Watch. No kingdom should be given power and courage to modify history base on their desire. We invite Jordanian kingdom to open its heart to its minority and support them so they can openly practice their rights to religion in safety of their homeland.

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