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Pakistan; Untold Stories


The anti-Shia groups have repeatedly carried our discriminatory attacks to Shia communities, individuals, and professionals. The attacks are serious violations to the international and Pakistan’s domestic laws. The Pakistani government has not investigated the violations and people responsible for the attacks have never been punished.

The 28-page report” Pakistan; Untold Stories,” is based on interviews, site visits, NGO and government reports. The report highlights the violations to Shia Muslim minority of the Pakistan and lack of government’s desire and intention to protect them.

” Pakistan; Untold Stories,” includes names and narratives of number of Shia Muslims victims. SRW found that the right to life, education, security and religion freedom were violated in Pakistan and the government has taken no action to protect the Pakistani Shia Muslim minority.

In the report, SRW included recommendations that can help the Pakistani government to end the violations in this country.


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