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SRW Letter to Kofi Annan

Shia Rights Watch calls Kofi Annan to protect Shia in Syria.

 Shia Rights Watch addresses UN Envoy to Syria Kofi Annan in a letter calling on him to establish equity in dealing with Shia issues in Syria. The organization calls Annan for an immediate support for Syrian Shia from the systematic sectarian killings authorized by Saudi clerics and covered by Saudi and Qatari media.

 The full letter of Shia Rights Watch to UN Envoy to Syria Kofi Annan:


The International Envoy to Syria Mr. Kofi Annan,

 Mr. Envoy of United Nations and the people that admire peace, we would like to reveal to you the fact that has always been darkened and distorted by media outlets owned by Saudi Arabia and Qatar: the fact is Shia in Syria are the target of terrorism.

 Since the beginning of the crackdown in Syria and in the pretext that Shia there belong to the same sect of President Bashar al Assad, Shia residents have always been the target of all terrorist groups that are ideologically and logistically supported by Saudi Arabia; these extremists have come to Syria with tens of top Saudi clerics statements authorizing the killings of Shia considering them as “Atheists” until killings became merely based on identities and names that would reveal any sectarian affiliation.

Mr. UN Envoy,

It’s time for the international society to take full, serious and immediate responsibility in supporting unarmed citizens against the constant and systematic attacks that aim to vacuum the country from its Shia residents, display tens of families, and go on sectarian killings against hundreds of men, women and children. Any possible support is urgent now.

Besides that, we seek an international delegation that works on making peace and halt all shapes and sources of terrorism in Syria.

Great success to your mission,

Shia Rights Watch

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