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Response to Pertubuhan Ilmuan Malaysia Convention, January 2020

In response to the hate-inciting speech by Sheikh Abdurrahman Ibrahim Al-Rubai’in, a Saudi religious attache in Malaysia at a convention organized by Pertubuhan Ilmuan Malaysia (Ilmu), Shia Rights Watch communicated the following letter to Ambassador Dato Azmil Mohd Zabidi. 


Honorable Ambassador Dato Azmil Mohd Zabidi;

As the director of the Shia Rights Watch organization and on behalf of the global Shia community, I write to you in the grievance of anti-Shia sentiments raised in the  Pertubuhan Ilmuan Malaysia convention held in Kuala Lumpur.

Shia Rights Watch asks for condemnation of religious discrimination on behalf of the Malaysian government and a limitation of Saudi influence within religious institutions such as Pertubuhan Ilmuan Malaysia.

Shia Rights Watch is an independent, non-governmental organization dedicated to defending the rights of minority religions, especially that of Shia Muslims. This organization advocates for acceptance in minority beliefs and draws international attention to the violation of the rights of Shia Muslims. 

 Hateful speech by Sheikh Abdurrahman Ibrahim Al-Burai’in against Shia Muslims threatens the peaceful existence of religious groups in the country of Malaysia. Within his speech, Al-Burai’in excluded the Shia from the religion of Islam and presented false information in regards to the beliefs on the Shia doctrine.

To allow the harmful exclusion of Shia Muslims from the larger Malaysian society, and that in the hands of foreign political influence, undermines the reputation of Malaysian authorities in the development of peace. Moreover, hate-speech without condemnation communicates the allowance of violence and discrimination by radical hate-groups present in the region and creates a platform for violence by these groups in the country of Malaysia. 

On behalf of Malaysian Shia, Shia Rights Watch asks for a condemnation of any speech that marginalizes any religious group. The existence of Shia Islam in Malaysia extends centuries. Shia Muslims have long acted as committed citizens of this nation. Shia communities in Malaysia expressed on countless occasions their love for their homeland.

Shia Rights Watch promotes a Malaysia free of religious discrimination and hate.

 With hopes of an inclusive Malaysia,

         Mustafa Akhwand 


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