This Year’s Resolution, Full of Humanity

noteIts the last day of the year again….. As much as we all wished for a happy year last year, the year 2013 was not a very happy year for millions of our brothers and sisters in humanity. The year 2014 is another opportunity to change the world to a better place. The best action that is associated with New Year is making resolutions. Every year most people, at least those with plans for life, promise themselves to start doing something good or stop doing something bad starting this New Year Day.

However most of those resolutions are focused on one ‘self; such as starting a healthier diet, spending more time with family, saving money and so on. SRW believes resolutions should be inclusive; as humans we must promise to take actions to help those who need us.

SRW encourage all to make resolutions that are full of humanity. Promise yourself to take actions to free political prisoners, stop human right violations, return refugee’s to their homes, protect minorities, secure children, and become a voice for voice less populations.

While many of us have warm rooms to sleep in, delicious meals to eat with family, and exchange expensive gifts, life is very different for millions of people around the world. Many Syrian children are dying from cold in camps, Iraqi families are losing their care takers in bombings, Bahraini and Saudi Shia are being arrested, Pakistani Shia professionals are being killed, Shia in Malaysia and Indonesia cannot practice their faith, and thousands of Shia Muslims are fearful to admit their faith.

It is part of our human values to look after those who are less fortunate. Now, more than ever, our world needs wishes that promote freedom, democracy, respect and acceptance.

May the year 2014 be a year full of humanity, dignity and peace….

SRW wished best for all…

By Hawraa Zakery, Shia Rights Activist   ……………………………..on December 31, 2013

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