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Attack to Shia Mosque in Saudi Arabia on Friday Prayer

Shia Rights Watch is appalled at the deadly suicide bombing that occurred in the town of Al-Qudaih in Saudi Arabia’s Al-Qatif region at a Shia mosque which killed 20 people and injured 120 others. This bombing which occurred during Friday prayers is one of the worst acts of violence committed against Shia in 2015. In an already under privileged area in the country, this attack only further oppresses Shia. Periodic attacks coupled with systematic discrimination have been devastating for the Shia community in the eastern province.

Shia Rights Watch requests that the Saudi government do the utmost to ensure that nothing like this happens again. While the Saudi government has been conducting an investigation into the causes of this attack, it is important that both the proximate and distal causes are addressed. In addition to the investigation, restorative measures need to be sought in order to better address the divisions between Sunnis and Shia in Saudi Arabia.

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