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Attention to Shia Hajj Pilgrims

American Shia Citizens are urged to call or email The United State Embassy in case of any discrimination by Saudi authorities during Hajj.

American Muslims enjoy more protection during this Haj year thanks to many Muslim NGO s that joined Muslim Advocates in their collective efforts to put pressure on U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and the State Department to help keep American Muslims safe during Haj. In response State Department agreed to Counsellor’s General on call staff in Saudi Arabia and met with Saudi officials to discuss the issue with them.

Consulate General in Jeddah

Phone: 012-667-0080

Email: JeddahACS@state.gov

Embassy in Riyadh


Note: If you are using your US number or you relative calling on your behalf from US you need to dial country code 966 before calling.

Example: +966 12 667 0080


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