Extremists as Representatives of Their Government

Top Wahabbi cleric supports al-Qaradawi’s call for “Jihad” in Syria. It is important that the reader understands that the term jihad refers to a religious obligation to kill. Arabic Elaph.com news agency reports that Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Sheikh, the top cleric of Saudi Arabia and head of management of scientific research and advisory praised al-Qaradawi’s recent lecture that called for jihad in Syria. He said that al-Qaradawi’s heroic position reminds him of “the great clerics through the history”.

The question is: since when is demanding killing and violence considered a heroic action?

Al-Qaradawi and all who praise him for his inhumane actions are clearly human rights violators. It does not matter who they fight or what is their rationale is, killing civilians in the name of religious obligation is wrong. SRW believes there are no known religions that call for violence. Al-Qaradawi and Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Sheikh have no right to use their influence to command people to kill or even hate each other.

With the understanding that clerics in Islamic countries are employed by the government, the hateful message that these two clerics are spreading is supported by the Saudi and Qatari governments.

SRW urges the two mentioned governments to address this human rights violation immediately and demand that the two clerics publically withdraw from their sectarian positions .

Power and influence should not be used as tools to create or inflame conflicts. They should be used to resolve problems and spread peace among all humans of the world.

By: Hawraa, Human rights activist and specialist

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