Gunmen Killed Iraqi Family in Sayyida Zainab Syria

Two days ago, unidentified gunmen broke into the apartment of Iraqi family from Karbala city in Sayyida Zainab, Syria and killed the mother, father and three daughters.
One of the relatives tells the reporter that one of the girl hid in the closet in the apartment, so the gunmen could not find her.

“I got a call from my relative in Iraq who told me that they can’t find their Abu Zainab, so I went to the house after two days and find out about  the massacre”, says the person who found the family dead .

The names of girls who were killed were Zeinab, um-Albanin and Zahra.

Witnesses said earlier that the Iraqi owned stores in the Sayyida Zainab area were robbed by armed groups. To their surprise, when they reported to Police, they were told the police were unable to respond. 

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