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Incidents of Anti-Shiism, April 2024

Monthly Report of Shia Rights Watch on Human Rights Violations Against Shia Muslims

Shia Rights Watch releases its monthly report on the most prominent human rights violations committed against Shia Muslims from April 1 to May 1, 2024.

The report reviews numerous terrorist operations carried out by extremist groups against Shia Muslims, as well as acts of oppression and abuse practiced against them by certain regimes and governments.

The organization confirms that it relied on its own sources and some public sources, such as individuals and groups active in the field of freedoms and human rights in the countries where these violations occurred.

The organization notes that it refrained from mentioning some violations due to the lack of confirmed evidence, despite being certain of the occurrence of these violations in some countries. It emphasizes that it does not seek political or profit-oriented goals, but rather aims to achieve the justice and equality that human societies aspire to.

Countries in Alphabetical Order:


1/4: Taliban obstructs pilgrimage for Shias: The Taliban authorities imposed increased pilgrimage fees exclusively on Shia citizens, in a clear discriminatory measure driven by sectarian motives.
20/4: Death and injuries in bus bombing: An explosive device planted by ISIS terrorists inside a passenger bus in the Shia neighborhood of Kote Sangi in Kabul resulted in one death and three injuries.
29/4: Deaths and injuries in mosque attack: ISIS terrorists launched an attack with weapons and explosives on the Imam Zaman Mosque in Herat, killing six people, including the Shia cleric Hujjat al-Islam Javed Mullah, and injuring ten worshippers.


1/4: Death and injuries in Quetta bombing: A roadside bomb planted by terrorists east of Quetta killed one person and injured three others.
3/4: Two assassinated in Kurram: An armed terrorist group assassinated two Shia individuals and injured two others through ambush and gunfire while they were traveling on a road in Parachinar, Kurram District.
9/4: Deaths and injuries in mosque bombing: An explosive device planted by terrorists inside a mosque in Quetta killed and injured thirteen worshippers.
11/4: Deaths and injuries in attack on pilgrim bus: Two pilgrims were killed and six injured when terrorists opened fire on their bus in western Balochistan.
13/4: Bus hijacking and execution of passengers in Quetta: A terrorist group intercepted two consecutive Shia passenger buses, hijacked them, and executed eleven of the passengers, injuring six others, whose bodies were found near a river.


6/4: Opposition figure subjected to slow death: Ali Mushaima, son of Shia political opponent Hassan Mushaima, announced that his father was being subjected to a slow death through torture and denial of medical treatment by the infamous Jaw Prison authorities.
19/4: Death of a pursued political opponent: Bahraini opposition forces announced the death of political opponent Imran Ahmed Sharaf from Al-Eker town due to his inability to receive treatment for a serious illness, as he was being pursued and unable to travel abroad for treatment.


23/4: Abduction, torture, and execution of Shia cleric: An extremist group in Daraa abducted Shia cleric Sheikh Abdullah Ahmed Al-Ali, a religious scholar in Sayyida Zainab, tortured him, executed him, and mutilated his body.
28/4: Person killed in attack on bus: A terrorist group opened fire on a bus carrying Iraqi Shia pilgrims near the Iraqi-Syrian border, killing one person and injuring others.

Saudi Arabia

20/4: Imprisonment of detained poet: A Saudi court sentenced Husseini poet Fadhel Al-Magsi, detained for five years, to 28 years in prison. He is the brother of detained opponent Ahmed Al-Magsi, from Tarout town.
25/4: Minors facing execution: Human rights sources revealed that Saudi courts began issuing death sentences against nine detained minors on sectarian grounds, including Jallal Labad and Abdullah Al-Darazi.


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