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Incidents of Anti-Shiism, February 2024

Shia Rights Watch releases its monthly report on the most prominent human rights violations committed against Shia Muslims for the period from February 1 to March 1, 2024.

The report reviews numerous terrorist operations carried out by extremist groups against Shia Muslims, along with acts of repression and abuse practiced against them by certain regimes and governments.

The organization confirms that it relied on its own sources and some public sources, such as individuals and groups active in the field of freedoms and human rights in the countries where these violations occurred.

The organization notes that it refrained from mentioning some violations due to the lack of confirmed evidence, despite being certain of the occurrence of these violations in some countries. It emphasizes that it does not seek political or profit-oriented goals, but rather aims to achieve the justice and equality that human societies aspire to.

Countries in Alphabetical Order:


5/2: Deaths and Injuries from a Bombing in Dera Ismail: A terrorist group attacked a police station in the Shia-majority city of Dera Ismail in Khyber Province, killing ten people and injuring six others, including children.
7/2: Dozens Killed and Injured in Election Center Bombings in Quetta: Two ISIS terrorist attacks on election centers in Quetta killed over thirty people and injured dozens more.
20/2: Security Forces Besiege Shia Town: Security forces besieged the Shia town of Parachinar, arresting dozens of residents who opposed the demolition of homes and deforestation around the town on sectarian grounds.


5/2: Arrest of Minors from Sitra: Security forces arrested minors Mahmoud Abdul Ali and Sadiq Habib from Sitra.
6/2: Arrest of Minors from Al-Eker: Security forces arrested minors Abdullah Ali and Mohammed Jalal from Al-Eker.
6/2: Arrest of a Minor from Al-Ma’amir: Security forces arrested minor Mahmoud Aman from Al-Ma’amir.
13/2: Arrest of Four Young Men from Karrana: Security forces arrested four young men from Karrana during a raid.
14/2: Authorities Suppress Peaceful March: Security forces suppressed a peaceful march in Al-Daih, followed by arrests and persecution of participants.
15/2: Arrest of Minors from Sanabis: Security forces arrested minors Sayed Ahmed Al-Falah and Reda Khaled from Sanabis.
15/2: Arrest of Two Young Men from Al-Daih: Security forces arrested Abbas Fadel and Haider Radhi from Al-Daih.
15/2: Arrest of a Young Man from Sanabis: Security forces arrested Jaafar Al-Halwaji from Sanabis.
15/2: Arrest of Two Young Men from Al-Daih: Security forces arrested Muntadhar Mohammed Al-Khair and Ali Mohammed Al-Khair from Al-Daih.
16/2: Arrest of a Minor from Karrana: Security forces arrested minor Yasser Ammar Ibrahim from Karrana.
16/2: Arrest of a Young Man from Al-Kharijiyah: Security forces arrested Ammar Saleh Al-Momen from Al-Kharijiyah.
17/2: Arrest of Two Young Men from Al-Maqsha: Security forces arrested Sadiq Al-Masjan and Hussain Al-Muwali after raiding their home in Al-Maqsha.
20/2: Arrest of a Minor from Sitra: Security forces arrested minor Mohammed Jaafar Al-Kuwaiti from Sitra.
22/2: Raid and Arrest of a Minor in Ras Al-Rumman: Security forces raided Ras Al-Rumman, arresting minor Hashim Sayed Naama Al-Wadaei after raiding his home.
23/2: Raid and Arrest of a Minor in A’ali: A security force raided the home of minor Mohammed Hussain in A’ali and arrested him.

Saudi Arabia

1/2: Execution of a Detainee from Al-Awamiyah: Security forces executed Hajj Aoun Abu Abdullah from Al-Awamiyah in Qatif Province, after holding him in prison for over four years.
7/2: Arrest of Ten Young Men from Qatif: Security forces arrested ten young men from Qatif Province for chanting cheers during a soccer match coinciding with Shia religious holidays. Observers reported that over 200 citizens were summoned for arbitrary questioning.
8/2: Execution Sentences for Two Young Men from Qatif: The so-called Specialized Criminal Court sentenced Hassan Salman Al-Qabbat and Mohammed Maki Shamlani from Qatif to death.
10/2: Sectarian Punishments by the Ministry of Sports: The Saudi Ministry of Sports dissolved the board of directors of the Safwa Club in the Eastern Province, imposed a fine of 200,000 riyals on the club, and banned fans from attending five matches due to religious chants by supporters.
14/2: Deliberate Killing of a Young Man from Qatif by Vehicle: A military vehicle deliberately ran over Ahmed Ashour from Qatif while he was riding a motorcycle. Human rights sources revealed that authorities are pressuring his family to forgo their right to prosecute the perpetrators.


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