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International Youth Day, 2020

Shia Rights Watch observes August 12 as the International Youth Day. 

Designated by the United Nations in 1999, International Youth Day celebrates young people’s actions and engagement in political, economic, and social processes. 

Approximately 26% of the international population is under the age of 15, yet the group is underrepresented in policy making and enforcement. 

Shia Rights Watch recognizes youth as the architects of tomorrow. Engaging youth in social processes strengthens existing systems, creates opportunities for citizenship, and bridges the gap between the present and the future. 

Youth from minority groups face increased barriers. Many Shia Muslim youth report feeling marginalized and limited in opportunities when identified in faith.  Those who live in climates of violence face constant threats to their lives and others who practice as minorities face discrimination daily. 

All youth deserve protection- regardless of their religious identity. 

On this International Youth Day, Shia Rights Watch commits to building a better tomorrow. We acknowledge the needs of young people, especially those with minority status, and call on all constituents of the international community to promote a future without violence and discrimination. 



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