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International Youth Day, 2020

Shia Rights Watch observes August 12 as the International Youth Day.  Designated by the United Nations in 1999, International Youth Day celebrates young people’s actions and engagement in political, economic, and social processes.  Approximately 26% of the international population is under the age of 15, yet the group is underrepresented …

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Citizens of Tomorrow: International Youth Day

While youth make up a slight majority of the world’s population today, they make up all of tomorrow. Of the world 7.6 billion population, there are 1.4 billion individuals between the ages of 15-24. If one were to use the internationally comprehensive classification of “young people,” the world is comprised …

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International Youth Day 2016

Shia Rights Watch_YouthDay

As most other International days, International Youth Day is to celebrate youth, talk about its importance and pay more attention to issues concerning this group. August 12 is recognized as International Youth Day by the United Nations.  As a human rights NGO, Shia Rights Watch would like to use this …

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