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ISIS Crimes against Humanity For Immediate release

Washington, DC- October 28, 2014– Shia Rights Watch releases video documenting human rights violations committed by ISIS in Iraq. With the Islamic State in Iraq and al- Sham (ISIS) controlling large swaths of territory in Iraq and Syria, SRW has come forward with evidence documenting extensive human rights violations by this group in Iraq. In a nine minute documentary, members of Shia communities from Iraqi cities such as Tal-Afar and Mosul come forward and describe in great detail the torment they have endured from this group.

Violations included in this documentary include the massacre at Tikrit in which ISIS forces killed over 1,700 Shia civilians (Camp Speicher), and the massacre at Mosul in which ISIS killed over 670 Shia prisoners at the detention facility on the outskirts of the city.

This video shows graphic images of militants from ISIS lining up and shooting innocent men and women execution style. In the largest massacres, the video shows rows of people, hundreds of feet long, lying down on the ground and ISIS militants shooting at them with assault rifles.

SRW seeks to expose the vicious practices of ISIS in Iraq and request the assistance of the international community in advocating for innocent Shia communities affected by this conflict.



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