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Incidents of Anti-Shiism, May 2024

Shia Rights Watch issues its monthly report on the most significant human rights violations committed against Shia Muslims for the period from May 1 to June 1, 2024.

The report reviews many terrorist operations carried out by extremist groups against Shia Muslims, as well as the oppression and abuse practiced against them by some government and non-government actors.

SRW relies on its sources and some public sources, such as individuals and groups active in the field of freedom and human rights in the countries where these violations occurred.

The organization notes that it refrained from mentioning some violations due to the absence of confirmed evidence, despite being certain of the occurrence of these violations in some countries. The organization emphasizes that it does not aim for political or profitable goals but seeks to achieve justice and equality aspired by human societies.

Countries listed alphabetically:


5/1/2024 – Casualties in a Mosque Attack in Herat: Six people were killed, and another injured in an armed attack on worshippers in a mosque in Guzara, west of Herat, resulting in the deaths of six civilians, including a three-year-old child, and one injury.

5/2/2024 – Three Killed in Bamyan: ISIS terrorists launched an armed attack on tourists accompanied by three Shia citizens in Bamyan province, central Afghanistan, killing three Spanish tourists and three of their Shia companions.

5/20/2024 – Taliban Bans Shia Books: Taliban authorities issued a decision to ban the entry of Shia books of all titles into the country and began confiscating all such books from universities and public libraries. Last year, the Ministry of Higher Education of the Taliban instructed all universities and private educational institutions to “purge their libraries of books contrary to Hanafi jurisprudence” and to withdraw all books contrary to this jurisprudence, as well as banning the teaching of Ja’fari jurisprudence in public universities.


05/1/2024 – Wounded in a Terrorist Attack in Karachi: An armed group opened fire on a gathering of Shia civilians in North Nazimabad, Karachi, injuring four people seriously.

05/04/2024 – Casualties in a Balochistan Bombing: A roadside bomb planted by terrorists in Khuzdar, Balochistan, southwestern Pakistan, killed two people and injured seven others.

05/8/2024 – Casualties in an Armed Attack on Shia Professionals in Gwadar: An armed terrorist group attacked the home of a group of Shia barbers near the port of Gwadar in Balochistan, killing six people and injuring others.

05/21/2024 – Kidnapping of a Young Man in Karachi: An unidentified group kidnapped Shia activist Muhammad Mujtaba Rizvi, 24, near Rabia Razi Association in Karachi. Muhammad’s elder brother, Syed Muhammad Musa Rizvi, has been forcibly disappeared since February 2024.

05/25/2024 – Kidnapping of a Cleric in Karachi: An unidentified group kidnapped Shia cleric Sheikh Munir Hassan Jafri from a street in Islamabad and took him to an unknown location.


05/1/2024 – Continued Systematic Discrimination Against Shia: A human rights report issued by the U.S. State Department revealed that Bahraini authorities continue to practice systematic discrimination against Shia citizens.

The report pointed to significant issues, including inhumane or degrading treatment of political prisoners, arbitrary or illegal detention, lack of judicial independence, severe restrictions on freedom of expression and the media, including unjustified arrests or prosecutions of journalists and censorship, restrictions on internet freedom, continued repression of peaceful assembly and association, excessive restrictive laws regarding the organization or financing or operation of NGOs and civil society organizations, and restrictions on freedom of movement and residence and the right to leave the country.

The report also indicated that Bahraini authorities deprived detainees, or sick and prisoners of conscience of medical treatment, and noted that the conditions in prisons and detention centers are harsh, with some detainees facing life-threatening physical abuse, unfair use of solitary confinement as a disciplinary measure, inadequate sanitary conditions, and medical care. Additionally, the report noted that Shia citizens face systematic discrimination and obstacles to equal participation in society and government, particularly in some government jobs and the security sector.

05/12/2024 – Arrest of a Citizen for Demanding the Release of His Detained Son: Security authorities arrested Ali Al-Muhanna after he announced his protest in front of the Ministry of Interior, demanding the release of his son, detained on political charges.

Saudi Arabia

05/15/2024 – Execution of Young Man from Eastern Province: Saudi authorities executed young detainee Hassan Ahmed Al-Nasser from Eastern Province on political charges that activists claimed were fabricated and that his trial lacked fairness. Despite executing him, Saudi authorities withheld his body and did not inform his family of his burial location.

05/22/2024 – Execution of a Shia Activist from Qatif: Saudi authorities executed young man Mohammed Al-Johar from Al-Awamiya town on fabricated political charges and an unfair mock trial, according to observers.


05/1/2024 – Two Killed in Al-Mu’tasim Subdistrict: ISIS terrorist groups launched an attack on the outskirts of Al-Mu’tasim subdistrict, resulting in two deaths.

05/13/2024 – Casualties in a Daesh Attack in Diyala: An armed attack by ISIS terrorists on the outskirts of Al-Azim in Diyala city killed six people and injured eight others.

05/17/2024 – Wounded in a Daesh Attack in Domiz: An attack by ISIS terrorists on Baiji village in Domiz district, Kirkuk, injured three people.

05/18/2024 – Wounded in a Bomb Explosion: A roadside bomb planted by terrorists in Haditha area injured four people.

05/20/2024 – Injury from a Landmine in Nukhaib: A landmine explosion from ISIS remnants in Nukhaib area injured a person.


05/1/2024 – Kidnapping and Murder of a Young Man: A Sunni extremist group in Serbia kidnapped and murdered Mohammad Taqi Abbas, a refugee, due to a religious tattoo.


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