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Muharram Breaking News- Attack to Shia Rituals in Iran


Two killed and two other injured due to a shooting at a Shia mosque in Iran on Friday October 16th. According to local authorities two masked individuals shut and killed Muharram attendees at the mosque. The gunmen opened fire from a moving car as the worshippers were commemorating Muharram.

The shooting took place in Deszul area of Khuzestan Province. Although Iran is a Shia populated country, Deszul has mixed population of Shia and non-Shia. No one was arrested yet but authorities promised investigating the matter.

Muharram commemorations have always been attacked mostly in non-Shia Islamic states. Iran is a Shia state and it is expected that Shia have more freedom to participate in their rituals. SRW urges the authorities to speed up the investigations and secure Muharram programs.




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