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Ones Again Saudi Forces Took another Shia Life!

ShiaRightsWatch.org-Ali-al-FelfelAnother Shia died by a police shot on Monday night amid the crackdown in Qatif, which increased the death toll to two Shia within 24 hours. Sources confirmed to Rasid that Ali al-Felfel, 20-year old, received a direct bullet in the chest. The victim, from Shwaika neighborhood, was taken immediately after the shot to al-Zahra Hospital where he died.

Saudi security forces used live ammunitions to disperse the demonstrators in Qatif. Demonstrators rallied, protesting the death of Naser al-Muheshi, who was killed by police on Sunday night. According to Agence France-Presse (AFP), al-Muheshi’s father said that his son was shot by four bullets in the back. He insisted: “I will not give up my son’s blood”. He described the incident as “a snapshot of chaos”.

Protests of Monday night witnessed anti-government slogans that refused the use of live bullets against citizens. Witnesses told Rasid that several protesters were injured by police shootings. Residents said that barrage of police fire shots were heard in the area from Monday afternoon and continued until night hours.

A police spokesman in the Eastern Province declined to comment, according to AFP. “We cannot give any comment regarding this incident. It is an affair of the Ministry of Interior.”

Local rights sources have reported the injury of 11 Shia by police fire since the beginning of peaceful protests since last March. The demonstrations demanded the release of political detainees, in addition to political reforms and ending sectarian discrimination. Not to forget, every time Shia ask for their rights in the Arab world, they get the bullet instead.

Source: rasid.com


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