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Ramadan Kareem

Shia Rights Watch extends its warmest Ramadan wishes to the Muslim nation. May this holy month be the month of illumination for our hearts and the source of our guidance.

Ramadan is the month of mercy and prosperity for all. Those who serve to promote peace in their larger communities are met with Allah’s highest blessings.

Shia Rights Watch works assiduously to educate with aims to prevent human rights violations and promote pro-humanitarian efforts. Be it at international congregations such that of the United Nations headquarters in Geneva or by working with grassroots organizations in your nations,  Shia Rights Watch serves to ensure justice for minority populations.

This Ramadan, Shia Rights Watch asks for your support and cooperation in the promotion of justice and human rights for all Shia Muslims around the world. Join us in our efforts by working to reduce anti-Shia discrimination and hate-promotion.

This holy month should serve as a time of unity for people everywhere as we journey towards a more peaceful and equitable society. Shia Rights Watch invites Muslim states to join us in this cause by ensuring that all within their borders respect the fundamental human rights of their fellow citizens, including Shia Muslims.


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