Saudi Authorities Indict Sheikh Tawfiq al-Amer

Saudi Authorities Indict Sheikh Tawfiq al-Amer after more than a year in jail.

Saudi authorities have finally charged Sheikh Tawfiq al-Amer after being in jail for more than a year.

Tawfiq al-Amer, a Shia advocate of civil rights, was arrested in January 2011. The arrest took place after giving a sermon in a mosque where he called for political reform in Saudi Arabia.

After more than a year of his arrest, authorities issued a list of charged against al-Amer, accusing his of making false statements against the king. Moreover, he was charged for raising the Shia calls for prayers, and collecting donations. Sheikh Tawfiq al-Amer was detained and prosecuted in Saudi court on August 15th, 2012.

SRW demand release of Sheikh Tawfiq al-Amer and asks Saudi Wahabbi authorities to stop anti- Shi’ism and give the Saudi Shia the human rights that they deserve.

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