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Shia News Wire #60

March 25th to April 1st, 2016



Wednesday March 30, 2016 in Hayatabad, Peshawar, professor Abid Raza, school principal of ICMS School System was shot by four  terrorists of Ahle–Sunnat-Wal-Jamaat  on motorcycles. This was the fourth anti-Shia killing in the past few days, earlier, two people were killed in Dera Ismail Khan and one was martyred in Charsadah but the government has not yet taken any action against the militants.

Saudi Arabia

March 30, 2016 in part of their Shia crackdown, the Saudi authorities banned recitation of Adhan (call to prayers) from loudspeakers in Shia mosques in Al-Hofuf, a major urban center in the Al-Ahsa Oasis in the Eastern Province. officials in the province also ruled that Friday prayer cannot last long or go beyond 12:30 in the afternoon.

March 30, 2016 funeral for young Shia man tortured by Saudi authorities and killed earlier this month just held.  The funeral of Makki al-Aridh took place in the city of Awamiyah in the Qatif region of Eastern province. During the ceremony, people also denounced Riyadh’s oppressive policies against the country’s Shia minority. The man’s family didn’t receive the body until four weeks after the murder; the body had many evident signs of intense torture. He first disappeared march 2, 2016 on his way to find a job, however, when he didn’t return for two days, his parents got worried and then eventually received news of his death.  According to Police, they had detained Aridh at a security checkpoint in Qatif two days earlier, and transferred him to the police station in Awamiyah on charges of taking photographs of the checkpoint. They claimed that he died of fright due to a psychosocial illness on March 3. However, according to the victim’s parents, he was completely healthy and void of any sort of psychological/ mental illness; The signs of physical torture also suggest he died as a result of physical treatment as opposed to “fear”.


Wednesday March 30, 2016 security forces halted a religious procession by the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (Shia Muslims) in Katsina , Nigeria. The procession, named the Sayyada Zahara Maulud procession, is an annual event by the movement to commemorate the birth of the prophet’s daughter, Fatima.  According to the movement’s leader, 10 armed security guards rolled up to the protest and started taking away their flags, signs, etc, making people very fearful.  The Governor stated that he did not mean to deny their religious freedom, but they could not tolerate religious events at public property. The procession began at 8am at the central mosque.


Tuesday March 29, 2016 Bahrain arrested ten people accusing them of attacking police during a protest. The arrested individuals were found guilty of being involved in terrorist plots. Four of them were given lifetime sentences while the rest of them were given between 3 and 15 years.  The attacks occurred in a Shia village by Manama.


Monday March 28, 2016 Kuwait just deported 60 people because of accused ties to Hezbollah.




Saturday March 26, 2016 bombing by ISIS at soccer stadium in Iskandariya  near the capital of Baghdad killed 41 and wounded 105 others. Iskandariya   is a Sunni and Shia Mixed city.


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