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Shia News Wire # 73

As the month of Ramadhan progresses, atrocities against Shia Muslims continues. In the week of June 23 to 30th, a total of 64 Shia deaths have been reported in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Pakistan, and Bahrain.

Saudi Arabia

On June 23rd, Saudi armed forces stormed the home of Abdul Rahim al­ Faraj, killing him. Sources report that al­ Faraj was not the first, but the fifth of his family members to be targeted by police forces since 2011. Raids and ambush have been frequent in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia, especially in its town of Awamiya as it holds the largest density of Shia Muslims in the country. Saudi Shia have been discriminated against and treated as second class citizens for decades. Adequate representation has been chronically denied and protest has been met with violence.



As a result of instability caused by the war against ISIS, Shia targeted violence continues in

Iraq. Improvised Explosive Devices and gunfire have left 60 killed in the cities of Baghdad and Tuz. Such detonations occur mainly in crowded areas of public streets and market places in Shia dense neighborhoods, targeting civilians, specifically, women and children.



On June 27 placed on a bicycle that left 3 dead and 32 others injured. The explosion occurred in Almo Chowk market, a crowded market. The market was especially crowded as the holy month of Ramadhan comes to a close and festive shopping increases in preparation for eid al­fitr. Damage to surrounding buildings were severe as nearby shops and homes were in ruins post­ explosion.


Sources report the deteriorating health of Nabeel Rajab as a result of continued detainment. On June 28, Rajab was taken to Bahrain Defense Force Hospital for irregular heartbeats after being placed in solitary confinement for over 15 day period. Nabeel Rajab is an active leader of the Bahraini struggle for democracy. While his efforts have received international attention, violence against him and other pro­democracy activist continues. On the 28th of this month, Bahraini criminal courts stripped 3 Bahraini Shia from their citizenship and sentenced each to 15 years in detainment. The discrimination and lack of adequate representation and rights for Bahraini Shia Muslims has led many to rise in dissent. While the month of Ramadhan is the month of peace, tensions in the country have increased.


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