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December 18, 2014

SRW Thanks Iraqi Forces for Creating Safe Arba’een for Pilgrims

Shia Rights Watch expresses its appreciations for all Iraqi forces that helped securing this country during most important and largets human gathering in this country. This year Iraqi security forces managed to create safest Arba’een so far as about three million Shia and non-Shia visited Iraq. While the threat of ISIS and other terrorist groups has increased in Iraq, millions of people travelled to this country to participate in Arba’een commemorations. Iraqi forces were able to secure all roads ending to Karbala, Najaf and other holy cities in this country.

Although according to news agencies anti-Shia terrorist groups killed one Shia pilgrim and wounded four as they were walking towards Karbala with a bomb the number is 94% less tan last year as 18 million people visited Iraq for the same commemoration and about 95 were killed and 200 wounded by anti-Shia terrorist groups.

This agency hopes other countries such as Pakistan use Iraqi model to reduce pilgrims’killings.

Every year hundreds of Shia pilgrims lose their lives during different Shia rituals and commmorations. This year’s model and effort proves such killings can be prevented if all forces in and out the country work together.

Shia Prevented from Joining Arba’een Commemoration

As Shia Muslims visited Iraq to commemorate Arba’een, neighbouring countries prevented some Shia to join such ritual. Bahraini government arrested 19 Shia Muslims at King Fahad Bridge on their way to Iraq. Others who chose to travel through Manama airport were also questioned by airport officials.

Some Shia also reported that Indian governmnet suspended passports of number of well-known Shia clerics to prevent them from joing piliglims in Iraq.

Shia Muslims have always faced problems from their governments when traveling for pilgrimages.

Saudi Forces Raided Shia Areas, Again

Saudi forces raided houses belinging to relatives of Shia Mulsims who were killed by forces in Qatif. One of the raides was to Basim al-Kudeihi’s grand father.

In different areas such as Awwamiya town the forces arrested a minor, Hassan Mohammad Al Toheifa’, who is 15 years old.


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