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Shia Weekly News #31

The week of September 6th was a rough week for Shia Muslims as 45 Shia were killed, 7 were injured and 3 were arrested. All of the deaths and injuries occurred in Iraq while the arrests occurred in Bahrain. September is showing a continuous stream of discriminatory treatment of Shia Muslims throughout the world.


Iraq, which is where all of the deaths and injuries occurred, saw 45 deaths and 7 injuries over 9 incidents this week. Most of these attack came from bombings throughout Shia neighborhoods throughout the country. For example, on September 10th improvised explosive devices (IEDs) detonated in Shia neighborhoods of Baghdad killed 10 and the very next day, more explosives killed 6 more Shia in Shia neighborhoods in Baghdad. While no groups have formally claimed responsibility for these daily bombings, these attacks do resemble those that have been carried out by ISIS and their sympathizers.

ISIS has continued its degrading treatment of Shia Muslims by demolishing a building on top of Shia Muslims they accused of being spies. On September 8th in the Anbar province, ISIS militants detonated explosives at a building and collapsed it while the two men were bound to the building. In photos released by the group, you can see the two men restrained in orange jumpsuits before the building is demolished.

Shia Rights Watch condemns these horrific attacks against Shia throughout Iraq and calls on the international community to call for the protection of Shia from terrorist groups like ISIS.


In Bahrain a notable Shia cleric was arrested along with his daughter and granddaughter in the town of Sitra. These arrests are a part of the regime’s ongoing campaign to crackdown on any political dissidents, especially Shia Muslims around the country. Sheikh Ahmad al-Jidhafsi was detained at a security checkpoint after delivering a speech at an anti-regime rally. Sheikh al-Jidhafsi, who suffers from heart failure, would have to be later transported to a hospital after complications arose relating to his condition.

Sheikh al-Jidhafsi would be released the following day but the status of his daughter and granddaughter were not disclosed. Shia Rights Watch condemns the Bahraini security forces for the illegal detainment Sheikh al-Jidhafsi and his family. The Bahraini government must be held accountable for its actions against Shia Muslims within its borders.


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