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SRW Calls on International Department of Historic Resources

An attack to a Shia Muslim shrine in Iraq raised Shia Rights Watch’s concerns. After targeted Shia Killings, demolition and attacks to Shia holy shrines, Islamic centers and schools are increasing in different parts of the world.

A shrine in northern Baquba district, Iraq, belonging to an offspring of the Shia Muslim’s 7th Imam was attacked and two of the employees were killed by anti-Shia terrorist groups.

The trend started in Saudi Arabia when King Ibn Saud ordered demolition of four Shia Imams and many of Prophet Mohammed’s close family members and companions in May 1, 1925. Many Shia Mosques and centers have been demolished since then in Bahrain, Syria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia and more.

SRW has contacted many of those countries’ embassies and asked them to respect the rights of Shia Muslims to practice their religious freedom, yet none of the violators acknowledged this right for Shia Muslims.

Increasing demolition and attacks to Hsia historical sites in unaccepted and must be investigated by International Department of Historic Resources.

SRW calls on International Department of Historic Resources to take action and protect Shia related historical sites since they belong to history that matters to all humanity and are not limited to the interest of Shia Muslims.


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