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SRW Urges Rebuilt of Jannat al- Baqi

This 13th of July marks the 8th of Shawwal, the 91st anniversary of the demolition of Jannat al- Baqi cemetery in Medina. Shia Rights Watch condemns and holds in commemoration this day as Jannat al-Baqi is home to the resting place of numerous Shia notables, including Prophet Mohammad’s children and loved ones.

Since its demolition by Saudi officials in 1925, Baqi has become a symbol for the dishonored heritage of Shia Muslims by global terror organizations and human rights violators. For centuries, Shia Muslims have lived under repression, especially in Saudi Arabia, and their demands of democracy and freedom has been met with violence and increased suppression.

Shia Rights Watch (SRW) urges the Saudi government to rebuild Jannat al-Baqi cemetery. Further, SRW encourages members of the Shia community and all historic and human rights based advocacy organization to increase their efforts in raising awareness in regards to minority heritage sites and promote grounds for peace-building dialogue.


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