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International Day of Social Justice

Two billion people live in fragile and conflict-affected situations world-wide. Among those most affected are religious minorities, including Shia Muslims.  February 20th marks the International Day of Social Justice. This day calls for the renewal of commitments against social barriers that inhibit the advancement of any group, regardless of gender, …

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Rising Tide

The Shia Rights Watch report entitled “Rising Tide” is 18 pages, detailing incidents of violence and intimidation against Pakistani Shia Muslims between 2012 and 2016.The report gives a detailed account of how this already oppressed group has been marginalized further in recent years through systematic violence and lack of protection. At …

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EGYPT, For the People or Against the People?

Shia rights watch- Egypt

While the history of Shia Muslims in Egypt is long and extensive, anti-Shiism is prevalent in this nation. Once called the forgotten minority, Shia Muslims in Egypt are lost amidst country’s political unrest. Shia numbers are always undermined in state-issued reports in aims of suppressing the population. Shia individuals that …

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