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On Tuesday October 6th, Shia Rights Watch attended a United Nations Meeting of delegates and NGOs on the plight of Yezidi women under ISIS. This event, held by the UN Women for Peace Alliance, discussed the current condition of Yezidi women in ISIS-held territories. The speakers at this event included an Iraqi professor and journalist who used his connections in the country to help coordinate the escape of Yezidi women, a group of filmmakers who recently concluded a documentary on Yezidi abductees, and a Yezidi woman who was a former captive of ISIS.

Each of the speakers at the event mentioned three requests of the Yezidi community to the international community. These requests were the safe return of captured Yezidi women, the provision of services to escaped Yezidi women, and the ability to return to their homeland and live in safety away from the threat of ISIS.

Shia Rights Watch joins the community of human rights activists gathered at the UN on Tuesday to condemn the actions of ISIS and further declare their actions against ethnic and religious minorities as genocide.


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