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Violations Continue in 16 Days of Siege

Sources report Saudi court sentenced as many as 14 activists to the death penalty on May 25th.  The sentencing was based on the activists’ participation in pro-democracy protests. The government, usually, accuses the activist of terrorist activities, however the new sentences point to an escalation of violence towards protestors.

Several local human rights groups confirmed that defendants were not able to hire lawyers, and they have been subject to physical and psychological torture during investigations. Groups also stated that death sentence is too harsh and cannot be justified.

SRW has been able to obtain names of the defendants as follows:

  1. Hussain Muhammad Al-Muslem
  2. Muhammad Masur Al-Naser
  3. Mustafa Ahmad Darwish
  4. Fazil Hassan Labbad
  5. Saeed Muhammad Al-Sakafi
  6. Salman Amin Al-Quraish
  7. Mujtaba Nader Suwaikat
  8. Munir Abdullah Al-Adam
  9. Abdullah Salman Al-Sarih
  10. Ahmad Fasal Al- Darwish
  11. Abdulaziz Hasan Al-Sahwi
  12. Ahmad Al-Rabia
  13. Hussain Hassan AL-Rabia
  14. Abdullah Hani AL Zarif

The situation in Saudi is worrisome as Shia in Awamiya do not have access to drinking water and many have lost electricity. In addition, the government has limited residents’ access to internet, international calls and social media outlets.

According to SRW representative in Saudi Arabia, as many as 200 cars have been damaged, approximately 1000 houses raided, six to eight mosques closed, two schools attacked, two shopping centers burned and 8 shops attacked.

Shia Rights Watch is concerned for the well-being of the Saudi Shia minority and calls on international committees to stand up for the rights of Shia and demand fair treatment for them. The Saudi government should be held accountable for the human rights violations that are taking place in Shia populated areas of this country.


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