We all Failed

childrenBone chilling cold, is a reality of the winter in Syria. I lived many years of my childhood in Syria; a country I loved more than home. I have experience the cold, the wind and the chilly weather, but after all the cold, I knew I can go back home and enjoy watching winter form the window of my warm and cozy room.

So far at least 10 children died due to cold. Ten little souls who had potential to grow, live and laugh, but now they are under dirt and their parents are above it with broken hearts and crying eyes.

Some news outlets stated they don’t publicize the pictures so they don’t cause “psychological discomfort” for their readers…..

What a sad world we live in…..

What happened to humanity?

Where are humans?

We are worried about our “psychological discomfort” and ignore all the pain that our fellow human being go through?

Dear God, now that we don’t have mercy to find solutions for children in Syria, you show more mercy by reducing the coldness of winter, by watching after those little innocent children, by….

I know this is a test to evaluate humanity….and I know…we all failed……

By Hawraa Zakery, Human Rights Activist       on December 17, 2013

Picture from express.co.uk

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