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Incidents of Anti-Shiism, May 2021

Shia Rights Watch continues monitoring international anti-Shia violence. Events noted in this statement are a collection of violence against Shia Muslims reported by grassroots activists and journalists. Shia Rights Watch highlights that this report samples the true scope of anti-Shiism.  In the month of May, violence from the nations of …

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Hazara Face Continued Violence: Is There an End?

Shia Rights Watch expresses its deepest concern for the lives of the Hazara population in Afghanistan following the recent bombings in Kabul. For far too long have the Hazara people lived with targets on their back while the world turns a blind eye to the violence that plague their lives.  …

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Incidents of Anti-Shiism, April 2021

Anti-Shiism in the forms of arrests, sentencing, lack of due process, injury, and killing reported to Shia Rights Watch spanned the international community in the month of April. Reports of violence listed in this report have been verified through collaboration with grassroot advocates and confirmed by local investigations. Shia Rights …

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