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Hussein Conference

Shia Rights Watch_Hussein Conference

Shia Rights Watch was proud to have presence in the conference of Imam Hussein this year in Chicago, the conference was organized by the Universal Muslim Association of America, which hold the largest Shia event in northern America. This three day conference was organized to present the message of peace ...

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Shia News Wire_#20

Attack to Shia Mosque in Saudi Arabia on Friday Prayer An alleged suicide  bomber has detonated explosives in a Shia mosque in Shia populated area of Qatif claimed 22 lives and injured many today. A suicide bomb exploded inside the mosque as Shia Muslims celebrated birth anniversary of their 3rd Imam and ...

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Shia News Wire_#19

Attack to Shia at Commemorations in Iraq Attack to Shia pilgrims in Iraq claimed 16 lives and wounded 50 others. Suicide bomber attacked Shia Muslims as they commemorated the death of their 7th Imam, near Baghdad. Also in eastern Baghdad, another two pilgrims were killed and nine wounded when a ...

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