Bahraini Interior Minister Bars Shia Scholars and Reciters During Muharram

Bahrain’s Interior Minister is preventing Shia scholars and religious reciters from entering Bahrain during Muharram.
1. According to Sheikh Rashid, Bahrain is not considered a religious tourism destination, especially for gatherings during Ashura/Muharram, which attracts Shia Muslims from neighboring Gulf countries and abroad.
2. Sheikh Rashid emphasized that Bahrain has a sufficient number of its own preachers and reciters, expressing the view that there is no requirement for foreign preachers and reciters to come to the country.
Bahrain’s government has been violating the rights of the Majority Shia population, imprisoning activists, scholars, educators, and medical staff who follow Shia Islam. Until now more than 1300 shia muslim activists, scholars, medical staff, and educators are in Bahrain prison for demanding equal rights.