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Muharram 2017 Advisory

Muharram Advisory Dear Fellow Shia Muslims, As a human rights NGO dedicated to protecting and promoting the rights of Shia Muslims globally, we are writing to bring to your attention the veneration and importance of practicing safety in your community in the month of Muharram. Since Muharram is the time Shia …

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Shia Weekly News #39

Saudi Arabia On Tuesday October 27th an Ismaili Mosque was bombed, killing one person and injuring at least a dozen others in the southern Saudi town of Najran. This ISIS perpetrated attack occurred days after an ISIS gunman killed five people and injured nine others during an Ashura event in the …

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Shia Weekly News #38: Muharram Breaking News

Bangladesh On the morning of Saturday October 24th bombers disguised as Shia mourners detonated themselves at a Shia gathering in the Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. The bomb which was detonated in Hossaini Dalan area of Old Dhaka killed a boy and injured over 100 others. Shia gatherers were …

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Muharram Breaking News: Suicide Bomber Kills 16 in Pakistan

Shia Ashura ritual attacked in Pakistan province of Sindh killing at least 16 and wounded 30 people. A police official told journalists that the procession was targeted by a suicide bomber. Pakistani government claims they secured the area with more than 10,000 extra police officers yet the suicide bomber could …

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Shia Weekly News #37

Week of 10/18/15 Pakistan In a deadly incident this week, 10 Shia Muslims were killed and 20 were wounded in the town of Bhaag in the Baluchistan province of Pakistan. On Thursday October 22nd, a bomb was detonated at a Shia mosque while dozens of mosque goers were present. Of …

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Muharram Breaking News- Attack to Shia Rituals in Iran

  Two killed and two other injured due to a shooting at a Shia mosque in Iran on Friday October 16th. According to local authorities two masked individuals shut and killed Muharram attendees at the mosque. The gunmen opened fire from a moving car as the worshippers were commemorating Muharram. …

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Shia Weekly News #36

Week of 10/11/15 Bahrain On October 13th, Bahraini Security Forces were spotted removing Ashura banners in the villages of Shahrkan, Al-Malkiya, Sehla, Bu Quwah and Isa Town. In twitter posts that emerged from Bahraini activists, pictures show members of the security forces in the streets with the flags and banners …

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