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Shia Rights Watch Appreciates countries who have taken steps to protect Shia Muslim during Muharram 2016

Shia Rights Watch would like to thank countries who have taken steps to protect Shia Muslims during the commemoration of Imam Hussein (A.S) in the month of Muharram 2016. According to Shia Rights Watch sources in Kuwait and Pakistan, these two governments have directed the authorities to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of Shia Religious places and rituals.

Shia Rights Watch urges nations with a history of anti-Shiism, such as Bahrain, to adopt protective measures for their Shia populations in this time of religious mourning. Moharram rituals are void of any political, and Shia Rights Watch urges members of states to use this chance as a means of increasing peace talks and encouraging dialogue among their citizens in areas of human rights.  

Unfortunately, like years before Bahraini government with majority Shia citizens not taken any steps to respect Shia Muslim and have taken steps to remove all banners from streets. We urge Bahrain government to respect Shia Muslim citizens as they are practicing ritual programs without any disturbance toward government. As Shia Rights Watch stated in a letter to different embassies with Shia population, Muharram program does not have any political interaction.


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