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27 Killed and over 200 injured in Kuwait Bombing

On Friday June 26th terror struck the Shia community in Kuwait. During midday prayers a suicide bomber detonated themselves at the Imam Sadiq mosque killing at least 27 people and injuring 200 others. This horrific attack occurred as at least 2,000 people were gathered in this mosque. This attack is a part of a chain of terrorist attacks that occurred around the world in other countries such as France, Tunisia, and Syria.

Shia Rights Watch strongly condemns the actions of these terrorists around the world. In addition, Shia Rights Watch calls on countries around the world to ensure that Shia mosques receive adequate protection to avoid casualties such as what the world has witnessed today. This mosque bombing comes just weeks after two consecutive mosque bombings in Saudi Arabia.

Unfortunately Friday has become the most dangerous day of the week to be Shia as terrorist groups have used Friday prayers as an opportunity to take as many Shia lives as possible. These actions have been backed by rhetoric that declares Shia Muslims to be heretics and worthy of death. Shia Rights Watch condemns hate speech and speech that incites violence as a large contributor to violence against Shia Muslims. It is the job of the international community, especially countries with notorious anti-Shia records, to condemn this type of speech.

This bloody Friday cannot go unaddressed by the Kuwaiti government. Shia Rights Watch calls on the government of Kuwait to investigate this bombing and bring to justice all who are responsible.

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