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79 Shia Muslims are killed in Three Days

After 258 Shia lost their lives in first 10 days of October in Iraq, another 79 are killed from October 25th to 28th.

Series of bombs and explosions killed at least 79 Shia Muslims in different Shia populated areas of the Iraq. On October 25th, 16 Shia were killed. 49 were killed in series of 10 car bombs on the 26th and another 14 people killed on Sunday the 27th.

A Shia killing in Iraq is increasing and there are not much being done to secure the area for majority Shia Muslims in this country. Shia Rights Watch is concerned for the security of Shia and their historical sites as Muharram, first Islamic month, starts soon. Muharram is a month in which Shia hold special rituals. Hundreds of Shia Muslims are killed in hate crimes around the world in this month.


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