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Alarming Arrest of Shia Clerics: 47 arrested in 60 days

Shia Rights Watch is greatly saddened and disturbed at the alarming number of Shia clerics who are being unlawfully arrested in Bahrain. This blatant targeting of Shia religious leaders is unacceptable and unfounded.

According to recent investigations as many as 47 Shia clerics have been arrested since June 20th, 2016. Such increase threat to Bahraini Shia leaders is concerning and must be addressed by international committees immediately.

SRW calls on Bahrain’s leaders to release him and all the other wrongfully imprisoned clerics immediately.

Bahraini forces routinely raid clerics’ residences, disturbing their families, and threatening their well-being.

SRW believes Bahrain is making great mistake imprisoning agents that are key in bringing peace back to the society. This NGO invites Bahraini Kingdom, to collaborate with community leaders such as clerics to create reform for better society where all Bahraini citizens have equal rights.



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