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Violence towards Shia Clerics Spreads to Afghanistan

Shia Rights Watch is concerned about sudden increase of violence toward Shia clerics in Afghanistan as Afghan authorities arrested Sheikh Ghorban Gholampour, a Shia cleric, for unspecified reasons. Last week Sheikh Younes Alawi was killed in Harat as he was returning from prayers at night.

Afghan Shia have been under many attacks throughout history. Last month an attack to Shia community killed 80 Shia and wounded 260.

Recently, targeted killing and imprisonment of Shia cleric has increased resulting in more fear among Shia communities.

Shia clerics of countries such as Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan have been attacked and now such human rights violation has spread into the Afghanistan.

SRW is extremely concerned over such violation and urges Afghan Authorities to release arrested clerics and increase security of Shia dense cities.


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