Another Shia child dies on universal children’s day

shiarightswatch.org_Ali_Yousif1._11.19.2011A day before the Universal children’s day, 19 November 2011, Ali Yousif Baddah, of 16 years, was purposely run over by Bahrain security force while suppressing a peaceful protest in Juffair[5] . MOI confirmed the cause of death[6] . Photos of Ali after being hit are very graphics due to severity of injuries. Ali’s funeral procession and mourners were attacked by rubber bullets and teargas, more injuries were caused.

To date, no one has been held accountable for the death of Ali or other children, although an investigation has been conducted but no action taken against the responsible parties in the government.

shiarightswatch.org_Ali_Yousif2._11.19.2011 shiarightswatch.org_Ali_Yousif3._11.19.2011

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