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Bahrain in the Month of September

Bahraini Shia are still facing oppression and discrimination from their government. September has been a month full of violations.

Ongoing violations in Bahrain resulted in 88 arrests in the first two weeks of September according to reliable sources. Local activists reported 87 men and one woman were arrested by authorities during this period. The forces also arrested 16 minors, injured 10 and raided 87 homes of Shia Muslims. The sources also reported 121 collective punishments and attack to a Shia cemetery.

Although ongoing violations in Bahrain are not covered by media outlets, they are escalating. Shia Muslims of Bahrain have been under violent pressure by the Bahraini government because they demand democracy and freedom. SRW has published two detailed reports to highlight the violations. The reports include a separate section dedicated to violations to children’s rights.


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