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European resolution on human rights in Bahrain


Last Thursday the European Parliament adopted a resolution on human rights in Bahrain. This resolution, which passed by a large majority in the parliament, calls for a host of actions from the Bahraini government. Through this resolution, the European Parliament condemns all human rights violations committed in the country and calls on Bahrain to release all prisoners of conscience, ratify the International Convention for the Protection of all Persons against Enforced disappearance, respect the rights of juveniles, and more.

In addition to the recommendations for the Bahraini government, the legislation encourages the UN to organize a visit by three Special rapporteurs to the country. Also in the press release for this adopted resolution, the European Parliament recommended that the European Union implement a tear gas ban on the nation due to its excessive and negligent use by security forces to dismantle peaceful protests.

Shia Rights Watch welcomes this resolution and praises its holistic nature. The passage of this resolution is important, especially after the United States decided to resume security assistance to Bahrain. While this resolution is non-binding, leaving implementation up to the parties address in the resolution, the continued recognition of human rights violations in the country keeps pressure on the Bahraini government to implement the substantive changes recommended.

On June 12th Shia Rights Watch facilitated an international campaign on the International Day of Shia Rights to show solidarity with the hundreds of children currently imprisoned in Bahrain. Calls for the Bahraini authorities to respect the rights of children nearly a month after this campaign shows that the discourse on the country is reaching the highest levels of the international political system. Shia Rights Watch joins the European Parliament in calling for Bahrain to implement the recommendations contained in this resolution.


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